Gerd Schou-nilsen 17. feb 2018. Det er på tide vi gir Laila Schou Nilsen den heder hun fortjener. Laila kjempet hele livet mot fordommer og det idrettsprofessor Gerd von der. T. T. Sovik;E. T. Aasheim;J. Kristinsson;C. F. Schou;L. M. Diep;A. Nesbakken;T. Mala.
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Untitled Document – Feldgendarmerie – winner Kapitänleutnant Gerd Kelbling. For further info on U-593, click. signed by Korvettenkapitän Kuhnke, commander of 33 U-Flotille. A photo of the recipient, Mechanikersgefreiten Heinz Justenhoven is included. U-170 was a Type IXC/40.

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