to NP) by Hemaspaandra and Wechsung [HW97]. Restricted to DNF formulas the. Edith Hemaspaandra and Gerd Wechsung. The Minimization Problem for.

Wechsung G. (2000) Hierarchien von Komplexitätsklassen. In: Vorlesungen zur Komplexitätstheorie. TEUBNER-TEXTE zur Informatik, vol 32. Vieweg+Teubner Verlag In: Vorlesungen zur Komplexitätstheorie.

Beigel, Hemachandra, and Wechsung [2] showed that PNP[log]. PP, and later. [2] Richard Beigel, Lane A. Hemachandra, and Gerd Wechsung. Probabilistic.

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Spendenliste Friedenskirche – Jenaer Kirchbauverein – Gerd Wechsung. 20.04.2016. Seniorenarbeit an Friedenskirche. 100€. 15.04. 2016. Marianne Knuschke. 12.04.2016. Prof. Dr. Daniel Lenz. Dr.Theodor Peschke.

. of such schemes for some other dense instances of the optimization problems. more >>>. TR97-025 | 26th May 1997. Harald Hempel, Gerd Wechsung.

. Heribert Vollmer · Thomas Thierauf · Harry Buhrman, Leen Torenvliet · Gerd Wechsung, Ulrich Hertrampf, Osamu Watanabe · Osamu Watanabe · Paul Vitanyi.

Es gibt inzwischen mindestens vier neue Oppositionsgruppierungen. 16. September. Gerd Wechsung kam. Besprachen jetzige Situation, besonders Treffen der.

Hinrichs and Wechsung showed that. $(m+1, n+1)mathrm{P}$ is a proper. Maren Hinrichs and Gerd Wechsung.Time bounded frequency computations.

ESSD – Relations – Water and sediment fluxes in Mediterranean. – Jun 14, 2018. José Miguel Delgado, Sebastian Voss, Gerd Bürger, Klaus Vormoor, Aline Murawski, José Marcelo Rodrigues Pereira, Eduardo Martins,

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in part while the first three authors visited Gerd Wechsung in.lena. ** Supported in part by a Hewlett-Packard Corporation equilament grant and the Natio,al.

by Gerhard Buntrock, Carsten Damm, Ulrich Hertrampf, Christoph Meinel , 1992 We refine the techniques of Beigel, Gill, Hertrampf [4] who investigated polynomial time counting classes, in order to make them applicable to the case of logarithmic space.

Hans-Joachim Udich. Wolfgang Volkholz. Erdmann von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff. Gerd Wechsung. Ingolf Weidlich. Olaf Werner. Stefan Winter. Bernd Zickler.

Discrete Applied Mathematics, 158(13):1394–1403, 2010. doi:10.1016/j.dam. 2010.04.001. 12. Thomas Gundermann, Nasser Ali Nasser, and Gerd Wechsung.

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Editorial team. General Editors: David Bourget (Western Ontario) David Chalmers (ANU, NYU) Area Editors:

Beigel, Hemachandra, and Wechsung [3] have recently shown that pNP{ogJ is included. and Gerd Wechsung for giving much of their lecture time to me. On the Computational Complexity of Naive-based Semantics. – IJCAI

Erster Beigeordneter: Gerd Frink Weitere ehrenamtliche Stadtbeigeordnete:. Dr. Dorothea Behme-Wechsung, Dr. Dorothea Behme-Wechsung Marsstraße 21

Editorial team. General Editors: David Bourget (Western Ontario) David Chalmers (ANU, NYU) Area Editors:

Gerd l’Vechsung Department of Mathematics Friedrich Schiller U ni versity J ena. East Germany September, 1988 Abstract Ve show that every set in the 0~ level of the polynomial hierarchy-that is, every set polynomial-time truth-table reducible to SAT-is accepted by a probabilistic polynomial­ time Turing machine: pNP~ogl ~ PP.

for a dissertation in computational complexity theory; advisor: Klaus W. Wagner; second advisor: Gerd Wechsung. 1/1997-7/2001: Research assistant at the.

EXTENSIONS AS REPRESENTATIVE OBJECTS IN. – Natural Thinker – concept' ' in Wechsung (ed.), pp. 246–252. Ruffino, M.: 1996, Frege's Notion of Logical. Wechsung, Gerd (ed.): 1984, Proceedings of the International Frege.

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Authors: Jin-Yi Cai, Lane A. Hemaspaandra, Gerd Wechsung (Submitted on 29 Jun 1999) Abstract: We continue the study of robust reductions initiated by Gavalda and Balcazar. In particular, a 1991 paper of Gavalda and Balcazar claimed an optimal separation between the power of robust and nondeterministic strong reductions. Unfortunately, their proof is invalid. We re-establish their theorem.

and Wechsung 8] showed that PP is closed under polynomial-time parity reduc- tions.. 8] Richard Beigel, Lane A. Hemachandra, and Gerd Wechsung.

Jan 22, 1991. Beigel, Hemachandra, and Wechsung 21 proved that PNP[log] is. I am grateful to Lane Hemachandra, Gerd Wechsung, Tomas Feder, Anna.

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