Dancers: Enada Hoxha, Gert Vaso, Ledian Agalliaj, Diona Gjinika, Ezdalin Gorani, Manjola Hasani, etj. “The general of the dead army” ballet, based on the novel with the same title written by Ismail Kadare, comes through a new choreographic, scenic, and spatial approach.

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IN THIS ISSUE, we visited one of the Northern European Countries, Finland which celebrated 100 years of independence with numerous events in Albania and Worldwide.

Gerd Vaso Dhe Enada Hoxha html Situated slightly than self medication The complexity of you have. Aron Kitzig while the dances choreography is designed by Enada Hoxha Aron Kitzig while the dances choreography is designed by Enada Hoxha

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TIRANA, April 13 – Tchaikovsky’s famous Swan Lake will be making its premiere this weekend in Tirana in an adapted version by Enada Hoxha, the prima ballerina of the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet who along with her husband, principal dancer Gerd Vaso will be the ballet’s choreographers and key performers in the opening night.

Aaaaa o zot Chicago. Faleminderit Top Channel qe ma rikujtoi. Te mrekullueshem Miriam Cani, Soni Malaj, Enada Hoxha, Gerd Vaso. ️

Report TV – Debatet për amerikanizimin e baletit. – 04.07.2017  · Amerikanizimi nga Enada Hoxha dhe Gerd Vaso i ?Liqenit të Mjellmave? të Çajkovskit është pritur me kritika nga balerinë e koreografë të njohur. Koreografi Arjan Sukniqi i ftuar në studion e Report TV e quan të papranueshëm procesin e ndryshimit të konceptit klasik.

Gerd Cuzina PHILLIPS: 20th Century and Contemporary Art. – Phillips is synonymous with contemporary culture. As the most forward-looking of the international auction houses, we have set ourselves apart through our focus on the defining aesthetic movements of the 20th century as

Enada Hoxha & Gerd Vaso First ballerins and choreographers at TKOB, as well as participating in TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars and many musicals. Winners of national and international prizes.

E ftuar ne studio Enada Hoxha, koreografe dhe drejtore Artistike e Trupes se Baletit ne TKOB, e cila na tregoi detaje nga shfaqja “Liqeni i Mjellmave”,

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