Prof. Dr. Med. Gerd U. Auffarth Email The training event for eye specialists, medical assistants, and OR staff was hosted by the Department of Ophthalmology at Heidelberg University Hospital and its medical director Prof. Dr. med. Gerd U. Auffarth. Ten Eyesi simulators were available for the hundred

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When is a ‘healthy’ food not a healthy food. – Hmmm, I or just about anyone else can make tofu, cheese, or beer at home in a typical kitchen with a book of recipes/instructions from the library (I do make cheese, yogurt, vinegar, sauerkraut and other simple cultured foods).

LIVER GALLBLADDER FORMULA (Barberry LG) Liver-Gall Bladder Formula contains the herbs barberry, wild yam, cramp bark, fennel seed, ginger, catnip and peppermint.

Time To Say Goodbye: A Practical Guide to Pet Euthanasia (Having Your Pet Put Down). The difficult decision to "put down" or euthanase (euthanatize) a beloved family pet is an issue all too often faced by pet owners and their veterinarians.

A 10 day water fast has great health benefits, but it’s not for everyone. Drinking a lot of water has many benefits, taking to the next level of drinking ONLY water for a time can add some unexpected benefits.

Is Plexus Safe? A Careful Look at Plexus Product Ingredients Is Plexus safe, or are there dangers you need to watch out for? Here’s a look at what’s inside Plexus products.

Crickets are known to arrive in swarms particularly in the western regions of the U.S. One of the logical explanations offered as cause of cricket swarming is loss of natural habitat.

NORD gratefully acknowledges Hudson Freeze, PhD, Professor and Director, Genetic Disease Program, Sanford Children’s Health Research Center, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, for assistance in the preparation of this report.

Nausea Indigestion Bloating Fatigue Jan 5, 2012. But women should see a doctor if fatigue constantly interferes with work or leisure activities. 10. Persistent indigestion or nausea. Feeling. After some research I think some things you should pathophysiology of leiomyosarcoma cervical adenocarcinoma uptodate add

Most of us love the change of seasons, and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, chances are you are enjoying the cool autumn air and the lovely shades of gold and auburn taking over the landscape.

Skin Parasites – body, contagious, causes, What. – What Are Skin Parasites? Parasites live off other living things (including people), often living, feeding, and reproducing on them. Some parasites thrive on human blood and cannot live long without it.

Acid Reflux Caused By Food Intolerance INTRODUCTION. The passage of gastric contents into the esophagus (gastroesophageal reflux, or GER) is a normal physiologic process that occurs in healthy infants, children, and adults. Occasionally, baby reflux and regurgitation can be caused by a food allergy such as

Introduction. Adult advanced life support (ALS) includes advanced interventions after basic life support has started and when appropriate an automated external defibrillator (AED) has been used.

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The following are personal accounts from individuals whose health has been harmed by exposure to petroleum based synthetic chemicals in the work-place or home.

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