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Gerd Blassreiter comes with his boomerang, nunchaku, two pairs of clear blue blades that can be attached to the soles of his feet, and three pairs of optional hands. Please note that figures such as this are mass produced and as a result some inconsistencies in finish and painting may occur; these are not considered manufacturer’s defects. If you absolutely must have perfection, prepare to do some touch.

Blassreiter anime info and recommendations. In the near future, demons with the ability to fus.

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Gerd Frentzen • Blassreiter • Absolute Anime – Originally, Gerd Frentzen was the greatest motorcycle racer in Germany, racing as part of Team Phoenix. Years before, his friend Hermann Saltza raced with the team as well, but Gerd dismissed him from the team due to his lack of competitive instinct, adding that a greater path was there for him.

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Magwald Xargin. · January 15, 2012 ·. joseph VS gerd. No automatic alt text available. LikeComment. Michael Page and Magwald Xargin like this.

Gerd’s transformation in an Amalgam left him stunned and desperate, and he and Malek were the only ones to defend Gerd even after he started behaving erratically. Seeing Joseph – or Blue as he knew him – killing his friend worsened his condition, fueling his extreme hatred toward Joseph and blaming him for.

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“Prelude to Despair” Meet Gerd, the invincible motorcycle-racing champ.whose career is cut short when a rage-filled Demoniac interrupts a race, causing utter destruction.

Blassreiter is not among the highest rated animes on MAL, and for a reason. But that reason has nothing to do with any supposed inferiority of the series, nor is it about any glaring fault in the show – Blassreiter is a good anime. It’s also understandable why many haven’t considered it great, or not even all that good.

Gerd Frentzen began the series as the undefeated racing champion. However, as a result of an attack by an Amalgram, Gerd is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. After being given drugs by a mysterious doctor, Gerd regains the ability to walk. He also gains the ability to transform into a Amalgram himself.

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